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Frequently Asked Questions about the User's Group

Q: I am a member of an organization that is eligible for OPAC Plus services and my login and/or password is not working, or I do not have a current login and/or password. What should I do?

A: All logins and passwords are case sensitive (lower and UPPER case). If you are certain you have entered your login and password correctly, contact the person in your organization who is in charge of OPAC. They alone can make certain that you are listed as authorized to access the User Group web pages. They can also confirm, or change, your login and/or password.

Q: How do I obtain a Master Username and Authorization Code to access the Administrator features in the User's Group web pages if I am the key contact for an organization that uses OPAC?

A: Only members of agencies that are currently eligible for OPAC Plus services can access the User's Group web pages. If you are the person in charge of OPAC for an organization that is currently eligible for OPAC Plus services, but does not know your organization's Master Username or Authorization code, please call 800-999-0438. We will send this information via U.S. Mail to the person who is listed as the primary OPAC contact for your organization.

Q: How many members of my organization can I list to access the OPAC User's Group web pages?

A: Up to 10 members of your organization are allowed access the OPAC User's Group web pages. For security purposes, every member of your organization who you would like to allow access to the protected web pages should have their own unique login and password. In other words, you should NOT allow members to share a login or password. The automated registration program from the User's Group Administrator section allows agencies to issue up to 10 unique login/passwords for their members to access the OPAC User Group's web pages. Please contact us if you wish to add more than ten authorized users.

Q: Would it be okay for me to allow a friend of mine in another organization to use by password, or to issue that person a password, to view the User's Group web pages?

A: Only authorized persons from a licensed organization that is currently covered under the OPAC Plus program are granted permission to access to the User's Group web pages. Addition of, or allowing, unauthorized persons (i.e., those who are not directly associated with the organization that is licensed to use OPAC and/or whose OPAC Plus status has expired) will result in suspension of your entire organization's privilege to access the User Group's web pages without refund. Members of unlicensed organizations or expired OPAC Plus members who wish to view the User Group's web pages must contact OPAC at 800-999-0438 in advance to obtain written permission to access the User's Groups web pages.

Q: How do we add, delete, or modify access to the User Group section of the web site by members of our organization?

A: Individual members of an organization can be added, deleted, or modified only by the person who is in charge of OPAC for that organization. Clicking here will take you to the Administrator's section of the web pages. We strongly recommend that you remove the access rights of persons who are no longer authorized to view the information on the User's Group web pages as soon as possible.

Q: How do we change our Master Username and/or Authorization Code? (For example, in the event the primary OPAC contact person leaves the organization or if the Mater Username/Authorization Code is somehow compromised.)

A: We can change your organization's Master Username and/or Authorization Code, if you wish. To do so, please call 800-999-0438, ext. 151. We will send the updated Username and Authorization Code to the person who is listed as the primary OPAC contact for your organization. Typically, this information will be sent via U.S. Mail within two business days of our receipt of the request.